PSILab delivers solutions when you need certainty.

Laboratory Testing



Plastic Pipe Testing

  • Independent verification of conformity to specifications and standards.


  • Relationship with manufacturers, installers, and system owners.


  • Non-pressure sewer, wastewater, land drainage pipe, and conduits.


  • Pressurized gas and water pipe.

Materials Properties

Failure Analysis & Root Cause 

  • In-depth materials science and experimental process.


  • ID unknown foreign materials, chemical contamination, and fracture analysis.

Expert Witness & Legal Advisor

  • Technical advisor to the legal and insurance professions.


  • Data-driven insights and testimonies.

Product Development Partner

  • Materials selection, testing a new formulation, or deformulate a recipe of interest.


  • Tease out minor “kinks” to reduce time and cost. 

  • Evaluate performance of polymers, elastomers, and composites.


  • Material properties including flexural, tensile, creep, impact resistance, density, melt flow, etc

Customized Product Testing

  • Fully equiped laboratory to handle wide range of testing needs.


  • Custom fixtures and non-standard methodologies.